Monday, September 30, 2013

Referee Takes Down Unruly Fighter With A Stellar Suplex

Lee Ambler simply was not having this fighter who ignored the in-ring-referee's call, so he stepped in to take care of business.

This Strange Man Really Really Likes Willy Nelson

I guess it's just a dancing kind of morning, right everyone? Watch this gent really get into his Willy. (Man, that was a fun sentence to type out.)

Woman Makes Dance Video To Quit Her Job

If you are going to go out, go out dancing.

Friday, September 27, 2013

This Grandma Gets Down With The Best Of Us

I don't know if words will justify this, so just watch it.

4 Rules To Make Star Wars Great Again

This "warning cloaked in a love letter" to J.J. Abrams from TrumanPDX does a wonderful job at both ripping the prequels a new one and pointing out just what made the original trilogy great.

Pogo's Muppet Remix "Muppet Mash" Is Delightfully Nostalgic

Nick Bertke, aka Pogo, is an amazing remix artist. In his newest video, he tackles Jim Henson's Muppets in their various forms and makes beautiful music that will make some of you incredibly nostalgic for your childhood.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

"What's Wolverine Say?" (Ylvis - The Fox Parody)

Riding the coattails of the Yvlis "The Fox" wtf-sensation, genius Jawiin created the much-needed parody, "What's Wolverine Say?". I seriously need to rewatch the 90's "X-Men" cartoon.

Army Captain Surprises Her Daughter At Football Game

Prepare the tissues, you are gonna lose your shit.

Key & Peele Tackle The Pron Dilemma In "Clear Cookies"

What do you do when your significant other finally catches on to your internet porn browsing "tricks"? Let Key & Peele show you the way.

Emmy Opening Monologue Is Rife With References

Not to be outdone after his opening song from the Tony's, Neil Patrick Harris opens the Emmy's with a classic monologue.

Friday, September 20, 2013

The Last Thing You See: A Final Shot Montage

This wonderfully artistic montage takes all the final shots from tons of films and puts them together thematically. Maybe worth checking the list before watching if you care about spoilers, n'est-ce pas?

Louis C.K. Has A Sad, Yet Poignant Reason Your Kids Shouldn't Have Cell Phones

On last night's Conan, Louis C.K. took some time to regale us all with a very detailed reason why kids shouldn't have cell phones. It is really hard to disagree with this sentiment.

"Get Lucky" And "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" Go Way Too Well Together

While there are plenty of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" parody/tribute/mashup videos that we have posted before, I am ashamed to say this one might be the catchiest.

BatDad Is The Heroic Parent Vine Deserves

What do you do when you have Vine and a Batman mask? Why, use it to teach your kids (and wife) lessons, naturally.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Guy Finds His House Plumbed With Beer

I guess it's still a "prank" to give your friend a lifetime supply of beer? Everyone, please prank me ASAP.

Honest Trailers - World War Z

For those of you who disliked the film, here is a scathing critique of it that I really have no rebuttal for, especially after my review. Also, spoilers abound so be warned if you haven't seen it yet.

True Facts About The Frog [Ze Frank]

It's been a while since we had a "True Facts" video by genius and mastermind, Ze Frank, but that has been remedied!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Grand Theft Auto V: The Movie (In Real Life) [Gritty Reboots]

Gritty Reboots is back! This time they tackle the brand-spanking-new "Grand Theft Auto V" and make it both into a real life adaptation and a full-length feature film.

"Little Anakin As Darth Vader" Rips Hard On The "Star Wars" Prequels

As the creator m. deicke says, "While bored in deep space (and nobody to play with), Darth Vader's respirator malfunctions, his new voice now resembling the shrill and prepubescent Anakin Skywalker." Classic overdub gold.

This Frenchie Is One Stubborn Pup

Beauregard loves to play with other dogs outside owner Kristen Schonert's local Peets Coffee. However, when it comes to heading back home, he has an entirely different perspective.

The World's Largest Walking Robot Is A Dragon

This robot, courtesy of Zollner Elektronik, holds the world record for the largest walking robot. Oh, and did I mention it is a freaking 51 foot long walking, fire-breathing dragon made for a play in Germany?

Friday, September 13, 2013

"Good Will Batman" Recut And Remastered

Pete Holmes does an amazing Christian Bale Batman voice. Also, thankfully for us all, he is a comic mastermind. Enjoy his "recut" Good Will Batman, and laugh at a preposterously large computer.

Awkward Greeting Is Awkward.

Minus the forearm kiss, this is what happens when I greet a person that is a hugger. eeehhhh.

The Scarecrow

Burrito making Chipotle has an app-based game out that can be found here. Here is their rather simple yet saddening ad for it.

This Is One Way To Unload Kegs, I Guess

I'm not expert, but this doesn't seem like the greatest idea. Either that, or it IS the greatest idea. I'm still undecided.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Better Call Saul!: The 80's Breaking Bad Prequel

This lovely fan-made video for "Better Call Saul!", the "Breaking Bad" prequel series officially in the works with AMC, is truly glorious. And we all owe the creator, dondrapersayswhat, a round of applause.

48 Names For Things You Didn't Know Had Names [Mental Floss]

Names! Names are power! Learn some and grant power to things you didn't know existed as names!

"Blurred Sanford" Is The Mashup We All Needed

A simple, yet oh so genius, mashup of the theme from "Sanford & Son" and Robin Thicke's earworm track "Blurred Lines".

Movie Shot Without Permission At Disneyland Gets A Trailer

Shot entirely with iPhones on the sly at Disneyland, "Escape From Tomorrow" looks completely fascinating.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Actors Convincing Their Friends "It's Not Porn..." Has A Nice Twist

Alberto Belli put together this lovely little short that highlights the woes of acting. Come for the twist ending, stay for all the saucy language.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Eddie Murphy Has A New Single Out

Well gang, it has happened again. The man who brought you 80's delights like Party All The Time and Boogie In Your Butt is back with a reggae sound.

Derp Dog Activated

This poor Golden Retriever is adorable and golden blonde, but not so good on the retriever part.

Thug Notes - Brave New World

This week Thug Notes tackles Aldous Huxley's classic dystopian fiction, "Brave New World".

This Guy Just Bought Himself Two Forgotten Anniversaries

After an extensive surgery, Jason Mortensen awoke to find what he called the "prettiest woman I've ever seen" waiting for him. Spoiler: it's his wife.

ICYMI: The Fire Twerk Fail Was A Fake

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, for thus ensuring "fake and gay" never goes away.