Friday, May 31, 2013

Insane Man Climbs Space Needle Exterior Illegally

First off, this is very real. Secondly, this man has BALLS. Do you see the shoes he is wearing? That's like asking to die from falling off.

Russian Hero Saves Dog From Elevator

After this lady and her pug were separated by closing elevator doors, this heroic individual jumped to the critter's rescue with his super fast Russian reflexes. Bad ass, sir.

Cats Vs. Fox

One fox enter, one fox leave. It's almost only funny because the person recording can't stop laughing.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Why Do We Feel Nostalgia? [VSauce]

Covering a plethora of topics in this fifteen-minute-long video, Michael Stevens of VSauce will absolutely blow your mind at least once. Starting with music, branching into the fickle mistress nostalgia, and ending back with memory OF music, this video will definitely educate you.

Can Humans Really Feel Temperature? [Minute Physics]

I never realized hot and cold were different from high and low temperature. But now, thanks to Minute Physics, I know that and even more!

First Look At "Machete Kills"

Have you seen "Machete"? If not, go out and rent it at Scarecrow Video or something. If you have, take a first look at "Machete Kills", the much-desired-by-me sequel to the exploitation flick from 2010. Carlos Estevez!

How "Iron Man 3" Should Have Ended

Obviously, this new video from How It Should Have Ended is riddled with SPOILERS if you haven't already seen "Iron Man 3". But for those of you who have, and considering its opening weekend box office I would say a good chunk of you, here is a wonderful deconstruction of some of the bigger plot problems.

Cute Grandma Helen Rides A Roller Coaster

Adorable Grandma Helen was wheeled around Universal Studio in Orlando due to do rheumatoid arthritis but that didn't stop her from riding a roller coaster.

Guy Dancing In The Train

Because what the fuck else are you going to do? I can only hope he is singing a hard rock version of 'Getaway' by Mark Cherry.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Help Comedian Jon Lajoie Get Richer With Kickstarter

Comedian Jon Lajoie is pretty successful, both on YouTube and television. But you know what would make him really happy? Being even richer than he is now. Help fund his laziness and you could win nothing at all!

49 Hoaxes People Actually Believed [Mental Floss]

What time is it? It's Mental Floss time, and time for you to be amazed at these 49 hoaxes people have actually fallen for over the years.

"Samsies" Explores The Origins Of Heterosexuality

This hilarious short by Iron Potato really tackles the "where did sexuality come from?" question, and it does it oh so well. Just watch.

Will Smith Making Noises (Supercut)

First off, let's just point out that Will Smith is very talented. That being said, he makes some straaaaaange noises, as this supercut by ScreenJunkies points out.

Jane Austen's "Fight Club"

Dangerous Footage may have put this video out in 2012, but that doesn't stop it from being incredibly well done. Combining Chuck Palahniuk's "Fight Club" and the world of Jane Austen, this is a fight club that would appeal to both genders.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Human Mating Call [ASAP Science]

Just what is dancing really about? Is it just for entertainment, or is there more to it? ASAP Science seems to have a rather interesting explanation for the skill.

Questioning Whether To Watch "Arrested Development"? Let Uproxx Help

With beloved classic "Arrested Development" having returned for a 4th season this Sunday, many people asked themselves a vital question: "Should I watch it or not? What if it sucks?" Well, Uproxx has a lovely little PSA for you to give you an idea why you should or shouldn't, complete with a painful end result that may sting.

You Know What Time It Is? Summertime!

This "Ultimate Summertime Remix" by Eclectic Method combines some lovely pop songs throughout "history" to celebrate the hottest, sweatiest season out there.

20 Minutes Of Videos Games In Movies [Slacktory]

Do you really need to know more than the title gives you? Like, perhaps, a list of the movies presented?

The Beauty Of Space Photography [PBS]

Why do we love photographing and observing space so much? Well, PBS OffBook took the collective minds of Dr. Emily Rice, Zolt Levay, and Dr. David Hogg and let them explain why it is that humanity is so obsessed with space.

Little Kid Falls Asleep Driving Toy Car

Little Jonah just wants to cruise around the yard on his PowerWheels car, but unfortunately for him, (and fortunately for us), the Sandman is doing his magic.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Driver Loses Race Against Gate

Are you even trying, driver? You didn't even attempt to swerve.

Dog Attempts To Hide Treat In Couch

Poor Roxy, all she wants to do is hide her treat for later. Sadly for her, that couch is not made of dirt.

"It's Not About The Nail" Highlights A Common Relationship Problem

Men like to fix things, whether that be a physical problem or an emotional one. This video by Jason Headley entertainingly highlights that issue with a rather silly twist.

Skagit Bridge Collapse Survivor Is The Bad Ass Of The Week

Dan Sligh understates his experience to the extreme with his mention of his "rough day" that involved being on the Skagit River Bridge that collapsed in Washington last night.

Lesbians React To Lesbian Porn

I feel like I need to watch this video to see the stiletto scene. Poor vagina.

Flying Van


Thursday, May 23, 2013

"Beer Of Thrones" (Game Of Thrones Parody)

You should be watching "Game Of Thrones". Or reading "A Song Of Ice And Fire", the series of books it is based off of. If you aren't, shame on you. If you are, enjoy this parody commercial of the beer Westeros needs and craves.

4-Year-Old Knows Marvel Super Heroes Better Than Most Studios

Oh little Mia, you are rather smart, even if your father is giving you hints.

"Arrested Godfather" Works So Well It Hurts

The geniuses at Slacktory never stop, as this amazing mashup showcases. Not only did they recreate the intro to "Arrested Development" with visuals from the "Godfather" films, they then continued to edit together a whole 6 and a half minutes of footage, to really ride that joke into the ground.

Workaholics Gang "Straight Outta Mordor" Rap

On last nights episode of Conan the "Wizards" were out in full force and ready to rock you with their lyrical magic.

Brilliant SOS Using Shipping Boxes - Doc2Doc

DOC2DOCK: "SOS: SAVE OUR SUPPLIES" from In Secret Agreement on Vimeo.

Doc2Doc released this a non-profit organization that sends unused medical supplies to much needed hospitals in developing countries. Seems like a simple enough idea that should have been done a very long time ago but apparently not. Will you donate?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

True Facts About The Aye Aye [Ze Frank]

The Aye Aye is one weird-ass critter. Let Ze Frank give you a lovely breakdown of the strange pants-less lemur, and laugh at its messed-up middle finger.

In An Awkward Situation? Try "Applied Theoretical Physics"

Ever been in a truly awkward situation with no real way out in sight? Well thankfully, Awkward Spaceship is here with a solution for you: try applying theoretical physics to your conversation!

Jay Leno Makes People Sad (Supercut)

Thanks to Dane Boaz, we can all now revel in the humiliation fictional characters suffer at the hands of Jay Leno monologues.

50 Common Misquotations [Mental Floss]

It's time for another John Green-hosted wonder, Mental Floss! This time we get 50 common misquotations, which will probably bother you because you will realize how often you look like a fool to your friends.

Jack Russell Terrier And Jaguar Are Besties

Sometimes friendship crosses all boundaries. As you will see in this lovely video.

Border Collie Forgets How To Dog

We all have bad days. This poor Border Collie named Stanley just wanted to play with this ball, but in the process something went wrong and his basic instincts failed. We feel your pain, Stanley.

How Does Toothpaste Make Orange Juice Taste Bad?

We have always wondered why toothpaste and orange juice went so bad together and made that grody combination of flavors in our mouths. Thankfully, Bytesize Science is here to help us out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Corgi Puppy Takes A Bath In Cute

I love his cute little attempt to chew his way down that drain.

Start A Mumford Band [Key Of Awesome]

Barely Political's "Key Of Awesome" covers a much-used trend in current music: the folksy styling made popular by Mumford & Sons. Just get rid of your drummer, grab a banjo, and off you go!

Man Gets New Phone Book And Properly Puts It To Use

I appreciate that Michael Thomas is so understanding of our planet and environmental impact.

George Sr From "Arrested Development" Loves Prison [Slacktory]

As the Arrested Development season 4 launch approaches, the supercuts and tribute videos will continue to flow. Slacktory knocks it out of the park again in this cut highlighting just how much fun Jeffrey Tambor's George Sr. had during his incarceration.

Watch The Oklahoma Tornado Form In 5 Minutes

Charles Cook caught this amazing footage of the Oklahoma tornado touching down and rapidly growing to gargantuan proportions, hitting speeds upwards of 200 mph.

Woman Finds Dog On Live TV In Rubble Post-Tornado

In the aftermath of the insane Oklahoma tornado yesterday, this elderly woman who was being interviewed about the destruction of her home got a lovely surprise: her missing dog turned up. Fortunately for all our hearts, there was a television crew interviewing her at the time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

18 Of The "Best" Running Gags From "Arrested Development" Ubercut [Slacktory]

Slacktory tackled quite the task: edit together the "best" running jokes from the cult-favorite "Arrested Development" into the superest of supercuts. Or as creator Bryan Menegus calls it, an ubercut. Comment below on your favorites that they "missed"!

This Is What It's Like To Be Rick-Rolled If You Don't Speak English

We here at Paisley Beard are big fans of Reggie Watts, who is a very talented musiciancomedian, and generally entertaining guy. In his newest segment on JASH Comedy, he gives his interpretation of Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up", which really does a great job at making you feel like English is your second language.

The Order Of Operations Is Wrong [Minute Physics]

Math is weird you guys, so this is only kind of surprising. But let Minute Physics enlighten you as to why the mathematical order of operations, while not technically wrong, is morally wrong. That is my kind of distinction.

Hard Sci-Fi Flick "Europa Report" Gets A Trailer

If you like hard science fiction, the trailer for the upcoming film "Europa Report" is right up your alley. Take a peek at the first official trailer!

Watch All Of "Aliens" In 1 Minute

1A4Studio are true magicians when it comes to fast animation. Their "Star Wars: Episode IV" speedrun was fantastic, so revel in the machine gun frenzy that is their "Alien" episode.

Cat Investigates Tail Into Infinity


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Inspector Gadget + In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Reddit user foundring plays his mesmerizing renditions of Inspector Gadget theme song plus the song it was inspired by, "In The Hall Of the Mountain King", by Shuki Levi.

iPat Bar Mitzvah Rap

"I can do it yes I can because I am a Jewish American." Fuck, I love the internet.

Pinky and the Brain Tongue Twister - Typography

I wish there was a typograph for everything.

Anchorman 2 Official Trailer (Teaser)

Papa Burgundy and gang are back! I'm very aroused.

Lover Escaping Through Window

This lover has balls.

Periodic Table Song (ASAP Science)

The lovely folks at AsapScience release videos periodically and this one is RAD(ium).

Friday, May 17, 2013

Black Lab Loves His Adele

According to his owner, Superdatsun, Rev has been sang this song by Adele since he was a puppy, and now it is his favorite song. Heart, prepare to be melted.

Tasmanian Devil Babies Are Adorable Like All Baby Animals Are

You wouldn't think it looking at them, and especially hearing them, but Tasmanian Devils are actually quite adorable when young. What is it with all these fugly animals having a cute baby form?

Amy's Baking Company Commercial [Parody]

The Internet has loved crapping all over "Amy's Baking Company", for good reason. Well here is a lovely little parody commercial of the train wreck from Blast Radius Comedy, complete with salty language.

Holland Is So Damn Cool

It goes by many names: Holland, The Netherlands, the home of the Dutch, and now "The Original Cool". That is a lot of monikers for one place, but none of them do that beautiful country as much justice as this neat little video made to promote tourism does, barring taking a trip their yourself.

Motorcycle To The Face!

"Excuse me good sir, would you perchance like to hold onto my bike for a minute? Oh, your hands are busy? It's okay, your face can hold on instead."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cat Really Loves Ice Cream


"Targeting The Young" [Uproxx]

Uproxx and Five-Second-Films work so well together. This sketch showcases Esquire magazines new "genius" idea to make a television network, and why it's a stupid as fuck idea.

Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Goes Well With "Soul Train" Visuals

If there is any argument against Daft Punk being a funky duo, this video should quell that argument indefinitely.

"Pacific Rim" Gets An Official Trailer

If you still thought this movie wasn't a Hollywood Neon Genesis Evangelion port, watch this full trailer and think again.

Portland Police Stop Traffic Pursuit To Save Ducks

Make no mistake, the Portland Police are very diligent in their work. They are also very diligent in prioritizing, and we thank them for that.

Newscaster Reads Whatever Is On Her Teleprompter

It's "Anchorman" in real life, brought to you by the amazing Karl Stefanovic and the Australian "Today Show".

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kitchen Nightmares - Amy's Baking Company (Full Version)

You have probably heard a lot about the batshit "Amy's Baking Company" and the concurrent meltdown that occurred when the Internet struck out at them. Now see for yourself just why it is that Gordon Ramsay, for the first time ever, walked away from a restaurant in "Kitchen Nightmares".

36 Unusual Units of Measurement [Mental Floss]

Oh language, you are such a scamp! Here is Mental Floss' new episode, now covering strange units of measurement.

Arm Wrestling Is Serious Business, You Guys

Yeah... uhh... I got nothing.

"Imagine The Band" Mashes Up Lennon And McCartney Post-Beatles

This clever mashup from Go Home Productions tweaks the piano melody from John Lennon's "Imagine" together with the audio from Paul McCartney and Wings' "Band On The Run". The result is like The Beatles that never was!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Amusement Ride Accident In Uzbekistan [He Lived]

Good lord, and here I thought that all these years of paralyzing fear of rides was unfounded!

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." Trailer

This is a simple equation really: hit movie franchise ("The Avengers") + fantastic director/creative mind (Joss Whedon) + Agent Coulson still alive (Clark Gregg) = "Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D." Oh, and did I mention that it is on television and probably has Rage from The New Warriors in it?

The Hunger Games Catching Fire Trailer - Homemade

Cinefix puts out a new homemade trailer every Tuesday, and this weeks segment is on "Catching Fire", the follow-up sequel to the hit "The Hunger Games". Watch the side-by-side comparison below, as well as the behind-the-scenes over here if you are interested.

Most Complicated Board Game Ever [Rhett And Link]

I love a good board game as much as the next nerd, but Rhett And Link's new sketch, taken from their Mythical Show, really highlights one of the modern problems with current collectible games: too many specific and strange rules.

DRIVE: A Car Chase Montage

A sweet, sweet compilation of POV shots in film and television. Taken from car chases, this montage by Zach Prewitt highlights specifically all scenes taken "from either behind, inside, or in front of the vehicle".

Dog Has Trouble Walking In Sneakers

Maymo is an adorable pooch, and his owners just love putting him in cute situations. Enjoy his first day in his new sneakers!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Space Oddity From Space - Col. Chris Hadfield

If you don't know about Commander Chris Hadfield you should really look into him. He's an amazing astronaut and fantastic human being. He has been aboard the ISS for roughly 5 months and has brought the craziness of space to reddit, FacebookYoutube, and Tumblr Never has the link between astronaut and everyday folks been so closely woven. Witness the first cover of Space Oddity from Space.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Worst Movie Moms Ever [Supercut]

Happy Mother's Day! Relish in the holiday with this glorious supercut of "The Worst Movie Moms Ever" by the great folks at Flavorwire.

Bouncers Denied Entry - Funny

Because bouncers need to be taken down a peg or two. You need to stop judging me when I try to enter your fancy establishment when I'm already drunk. Do you not understand how much money I'm about to spent on drinks I won't finish and food I won't be eating? You're the one missing out. Dick.

Kitty Terrified Of Banana Peel.

That shit is bananas.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bill Cosby Getting Down To Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's Friday and Beer Week in Seattle. Time to get down Bill Cosby style.

How Star Wars Characters Eat Their Food (How Animals Eat Their Food Parody)

Do you remember "How Animals Eat Their Food"? Do you remember the "Star Wars" Gotye parody? Well the lads who made the latter parodied the former, and the result is remarkably amusing.

Clicker Trained Fish

Youtube user Ilana Bram  has many videos showing how to clicker train fish. And you thought fish were dumb.

Kids Reaction To Tasting Something New

That boy really hated the pickled onion.

Ryan Gosling Does Not Want Cereal

I can't stop laughing.

Karl Pilkington Doesn't Understand Why We Call It "Earth"

With audio from "The Ricky Gervais Guide To" Podcast series, this nice typography covers another topic for the great Karl Pilkingon to confusedly discuss. (Some salty language)

Baby Panda Feels The Same As I Do About Going Outside

This baby panda at Adventure World in Japan just wants IN. Just let them IN, mean zookeeper people.

"Tonight Show With Jay Leno" Has First Good Bit Ever

What was another generic Jay Leno attempt at staying relevant, turned actually entertaining by the fortunate chance of this random couple. "Pumpcast News" is a segment about pranking people at the gas pump by having a live broadcast bother them. It'is pretty standard stuff. But they had no idea what was in for them when they pranked THIS couple.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Lord Of The Rings (Power Rangers Style!)

What a perfect mashup of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers theme and visuals from Peter Jackson's "Fellowship Of The Ring". I would so watch this show, especially if they Gandalf was their Zordon.

Sad Cat Diary [Ze Frank]

Cats writing diaries like they are in prison. What more do you need on a Ze Frank video?

Cat In Thundershirt Doesn't Give A Crap About Walking

The Thundershirt is a neat invention. It is basically a shirt that creates pressure, much like being held, on your pet. This helps general animal anxiety, specifically those caused by thunder and loud noises. This cat seems to have an entirely different attitude for their effects though.

(Thanks John!)

Joel Stein Attempts To "Be A Millennial For A Day"

This is what happens when people out of touch try to get in touch, but don't have any actual assistance. So cringe-inducing.

Friends Don't Let Friends Drink Flaming Shots

One guess how this turns out...

Why Music Moves Us [PBS Digital Studios]

Let the fine people of "It's Okay To Be Smart" inform you of some of the more fascinating science behind music and emotions.

Why Is 'X' The Unknown? [TED]

In this fascinating little TED Education talk, Terry Moore explains, historically, why the letter "x" became synonymous with the unknown.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"Star Trek"... Was So Weird Sometimes

Take, for example, the strange way Riker always sat down. How did this take so long to be noticed?

This Is What Happens When Your Parachute Opens Super Early

Wait for it... wait for iiiiiiiittttttt!

What Is Multiple Sclerosis? [ASAP Science]

It is Multiple Sclerosis Month, and so ASAP Science is here to give you a little break-down on the disease. Learn something and maybe donate to help find a cure!

38 Common Spelling and Grammar Errors [Mental Floss]

Grammar/spelling Nazis, hold onto your hats, because it's Mental Floss!

Violence In Disney [Supercut]

Watch all these Disney characters beat each other up, because it's Wednesday. Also, not cool including Bambi.

"Between Two Ferns" Transforms Into New Lonely Island Video

For part of their "Wack Wednesdays", comedy trio The Lonely Island released a new track, after hijacking an installment of Zach Galifianakis' "Between Two Ferns". Love the guest stars!

"Dead Giveaway" - Charles Ramsey Songified

The crime behind the story is horrible, but dammit if The Gregory Brothers autotune isn't catchy as all hell.

"The World's End" Trailer

The first trailer to the final "Three Flavors Cornetto" film is finally here. "The World's End", starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and directed by the fabulous Edgar Wright, finishes out the trilogy that began with "Shaun Of The Dead" and "Hott Fuzz". Bar-hopping? Check. Aliens? Check. Martin Freeman (meow)? Check.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sony Makes Its Own Fan Video To Save "Community"

Sony Pictures decided to get on the bandwagon and finally join the relatively-absolute love of NBC's "Community" with this tribute video meant to help bolster the shows ratings. Too little too late? Even worth it without Dan Harmon? Or an amazing show of solidarity from the people raking in the dollars?

This English Translation Of Psy's "Gentleman" Is Your Daily Earbleed

No amount of chlorine and bleach poured into my eardrums will ever erase this. Oof.

"Ender's Game" Trailer

This novel was seminal for my childhood, and I really want to be excited, but at the same time... Orson Scott Card is kind of a huge asshole now, so it's hard to separate the man from his works.

Friendly Dating Advice

Nowadays, dating is a lot different than it used to be. So why not get some friendly dating advice from Reverse Cowboys Comedy? We promise it won't hurt like that one night stand you had.

Mother Tricks Her Kid Into Cracking An Egg On His Head

A classic trick for you to try on your children this Mother's Day.

Good Neighbor Rescues Kidnapped Girls

This is one hell of a story. Charles Ramsey from Cleveland, while eating his McDonald's, heard screams from his neighbors house. He then decided to investigate and ended up rescuing a group pf abducted children, including Amanda Berry, a girl that had been missing for nearly 10 years. His interview is simply amazing, as is his 911 call below.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Open A Case Of Beer All At Once

If "Bottle Cap Blues" didn't give you enough quantity beer-opening, this video should do the trick.

Things That Creep Me Out - Cat-Throat Edition

I have weird dreams just about every night. During the hours of 2 am and 4 am I can be found waking up Greg to complain about stupid dreams or at the very least, curling up as close to him as I can with hopes that the power of his hairy chest will be enough to calm me. For the most part I only need about 20 minutes max to get over whatever apocalyptic, creepy monster, or torturing homicidal freak that ends up haunting my dreams.

Except Cat-Throat.

What is Cat-Throat you may ask? Well, let me tell you.

This dream starts the way most of real life nightmares start; going to work. I pathetically stagger out of bed and make my way to the bathroom to start getting ready. Then I feel a tickle coming from about 2 cm from where my non existent tonsils would be (RIP tonsils). I dismissed it as allergies and sloppily add toothpaste to my toothbrush. As I went to insert this gag-reflexing device into my mouth I stuck out my tongue and notice that there was the head of black cat with piercing yellow eyes shaking frantically from side to side looking just as confused as I was, trying to claw its way out from behind my epiglottis. I immediately panicked and closed my mouth but could still feel the small body moving around. I ran to the bedroom and shouted to a sleeping Greg, "HOLY FUCK THERE'S A CAT IN MY THROAT! WHAT DO I DO?!?!" He gave me a groggy, "It's nothing, go to sleep." "IT'S NOTHING?! SUDDENLY A CAT IN YOUR THROAT IS NOTHING?!" I angrily shout as I lift my shirt to expose the medium sized cat-shaped lump running from under my chin to my chest. Dream Greg decides that his much needed beauty rest is much more important than helping me deal with my internal feline problem. So dream Sam decides the best way to deal with this would be to force myself to vomit. I hang my head over the bed and start to heave as hard as possible all the while feeling and hearing an angry cat try to scream and claw its way out of my mouth. I push as hard as I can as if trying to birth a baby out of my throat until this small bile and saliva covered feline slides out.. The cat shakes it off and run out of the room.

Then I wake up.

A week later, Gob gets in a fight with a black cat. Maybe Gobie was trying to protect me...but it's more likely that he just likes chasing cats. Either way, I can still remember what it felt like to push out a cat from deep inside my throat.

Here's a shitty MS Paint rendition. It almost makes it comical instead is completely horrifying, 

Ice-Breaking Boat Two-Month Time Lapse

Witness two months of ice-breaking broke down under five minutes.

Maker vs Marker - Street Fighter

Jonny Lawrence  does a mean animator vs animation fight Street Fighter style.

Freaks And Geeks: Mr. Weir Is The Ultimate Dad [Slacktory]

"Freaks And Geeks" is one of those shows that was never popular in its time, only in the time after its demise. Slacktory took all of the best of  Joe Flaherty's lines as Harold Weir and put them together into three amazing minutes.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Kitty Loves Concrete

This is what I do on the couch after a long day at work.

Dog Knows How to Shake Her Ass

Get it guuurl.

The Many Ways To Open A Beer Bottle

Bottle Cap Blues from chris sumers on Vimeo.

Holy crap this is an insane amount of ways to open a beer bottle. I need to acquire a motorcycle and a machete.

Kitty Enjoys Nice Walk Outside

How dare you interrupt nap time.

Little Girl Says Flamingo

I don't know what it is about little kids unintentionally saying "fuck" but I love it.

Water-skiing Baby

This cute little baby seems unimpressed with his water-skiing adventures.

Kitty Workout Video Is HERE

Do you have a grossly obese kitty that you can't stand to look at? Well, thanks to Temptation Treats for kitties, you can say goodbye to that disgusting pooch belly.

Justin Bieber Attacked By Fan

Bieber gets attacked today but not in the good way like you'd like.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Compilation Of Good Samaritan Dash Camera Videos

Since it is Friday, why not take a look at all these good people taking their time to help others?

"Bitchy Resting Face" Is An Epidemic We Can Fix

Do you, or someone you know, suffer from a bitchy face that just oozes hatred and anger? Then Funny Or Die may have the answer for you. (Salty language)

Man Makes Thor's Hammer With 80,000 Volt Tesla Coil Inside

Hackaday wanted to make a replica of Mjolnir, but he felt his verion of the Thunder God's hammer needed some pizzazz, specifically electricity. So he put a Tesla Coil inside a prop, and madness ensured. Watch the bonus making-of-video below.

Corgi Puppy Vs The Fierce And Terrifying Spoon

He had better not FORK-get about this fear as he gets older. (/cue collective groan)

Reese Witherspoon Arrest Dash Cam Video

TMZ brings us this horribly-real dash cam video of Reese Witherspoon being arrested and, well, not taking it so well.

"The Iron Man Trilogy Remix" [Mike Relm]

In honor of the release of "Iron Man 3" today, Mike Relm remixed bits from the first two films and a few tidbits from trailers of the third into this great medley. Listen, rock out, and get pumped for Iron Man.

"Rent Is Too Damn High" Anthem - Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan (<-please click this link. his website site is glorious) is running for Mayor of NYC in 2013 and what better way to get them votes than with this sweet rap.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Woman Gets Drunk, Tell Joke, Husband Animates It

Sometimes it is the simple things in life that make us happy. Adam Patch was hanging with his wife while she drank a bottle of wine on night, and after she told him a rather sloppy joke, he decided to animate it.

"The Walking (And Talking) Dead" [Bad Lip Reading]

Bad Lip Reading tackles the zombie apocalypse with their latest video. Spoilers if you watch "The Walking Dead" and you aren't fully caught up.

"Who Let the Dogs Out" [Matt Mulholland]

Matt Mulholland is an amazing artist with a variety of interesting talents. Witness his version of Baha Men's "Who Let The Dogs Out" and ask youself, "Who? Who?"

A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie

This is officially the World's Smallest Stop-Motion Film, made with atoms. Yes, atoms. This is actually magnified 100 million times for you to even see it. Let that thought simmer in your brain pan.

SquareBob SpongeMix [Pogo]

There is no reason you shouldn't stop what you are doing for 2:45 and watch the new track by YouTube remix musician Pogo.

PBS: The Movie [Gritty Reboots]

Gritty Reboots has been killing it, and we will probably share everything of theirs we see. So to see them combine PBS and "The Avengers" is not just enjoyable, it's necessary.

True Facts About the Introvert [Pleated Jeans]

We truly love Ze Frank's "True Facts" series here at Paisley Beard.  So it made us very happy to see Pleated Jeans do a parody of the series, with his "True Facts About The Introvert".

The Matrix Retold by Mom

This is what happens when you show a classic like "The Matrix" to someone who has never heard of it, let alone seen it.