Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dove Real Beauty: Balls

After the original Dove Real Beauty video came out, we all knew it was only a matter of time for a mens version to come out. Slightly unsafe for work because questionable male body parts.

(Thanks John!)

New Chess Is Basically CalvinBall

When I was younger, I played a lot of chess. And for years, I didn't know all the correct rules. Well, it seems I was still way off, as this BBC clip showcases.

Sexy Pool Party

Watch for the clever idea, stay for the celebrity cameo at the end, all brought to you by BritANicKdotcom.

"Perfect Girlfriend" Is Quite Sad And Funny

I beg to differ that this is the PERFECT girlfriend, but it is a clever video.

Robbery Attempt Goes Awry When Victim Becomes The Victor

If you are going to be willing to hold up someone with a gun, at least have the balls to use it before this happens.

Everything Wrong With Django Unchained In 4 Minutes Or Less

CinemaSins love to knock a popular movie, and "Django Unchained" was definitely that. Watch/listen to them harpoon this whale of a flick.

Scientifically Accurate Ninja Turtles

Animation Domination High Def, or ADHD for short, were responsible for the Scientifically Accurate Spider-Man. Their next installment is just as strange and just as funny. NSFWish content, so be warned.

(Thanks Spencer!)

Why It's Awesome To Be A Nerd - Wil Wheaton

At the Calgary Comic Expo, a fan asked Wil Wheaton to explain to her newborn daughter why it is awesome to be a nerd. And the answer is truly awesome.

Sucker Loses Pathetic Life Savings To Carnival Game

There is so many sad things coming out of this story....

1) Poor dude has a life savings of $2,600
2) Dude does not know when to hold them....or when to fold them.
3) He could have purchased multiple xbox Kinects with the money he spent on the game.
4) He seems surprised at the possibility that the carnival game is rigged.
5) At least he got that sweet banana to calm his kids when he can't afford to feed them.
6) Tribal tats

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Story of Frozen Food

Let Minute Earth educate you on the origins of frozen food and the reasons we humans use it (besides convenience).

Snow Monkeys In Hot Tub

AHHHH!!! Video of Snow Monkeys in a hot tub shot with a GoPro camera.

13 Year-Old Fights Teacher

Shit just got real.

Dog Really Loves Perfume

A high-class scent for a high-class pooch.

Animals Trying To Stay Awake Compilation

This is the universal video for Monday afternoons.

"Pacific Rim" - Official Wondercon Trailer

The lucky folks at Wondercon saw this footage weeks ago, but now it hits the Internet and we can all marvel over how this is basically Evangelion made in the West.

Great Hockey Save Is Great

We here aren't the most avid followers of SPORT but this is a really amazing feat to pull off, especially so effortlessly.

Drunk Dancer Kills It At Music Festival

Well played, good sir, well played.

Shift It - Transmission Commercial

If  Guy Fawkes was around today and lived solely to change your transmission (and give creepy molester stares) this would be his commercial. Way to go Rhett & Link, you've struck gold again.

NOPE - Diving into Darkness

Friday, April 26, 2013

Man Covers "Do My Thing" Dressed In Foam Sailor Moon Outfits Because Internet

There is really no explanation how "Do My Thing" by Estelle (featuring Janelle Monae) connects to Sailor Moon, but according to Evan MacIsaac the two should go together. While I don't "get it", it's perfect for a Friday.

Superhuman Man Does Ridiculous Backflips

Clearly he is a ninja, right?

"Follow Me On Twitter" Prank [Remi Gaillard]

Master troll Remi Gaillard is back in business, and this time he embodying the Twitter concept of "following people". Also, if you retweet the video posted from his Twitter you get a chance to win the costume he is wearing.

Childbirth Vs Getting Kicked In The Balls [ASAP Science]

I love "edutainment" like ASAP Science, especially when they ask the questions we all actually want answered, like pain comparisons between the genders.

This Mouse Plays By His Own Rules

It's funny now but when he gets on top of that wheel he will be king!

Little Boy Falling Asleep Still Needs That Chicken Finger

 We've all been there kid, except maybe not in first class. YOU THINK YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tom Waits' Music Over Cookie Monster Visuals Is All Kinds Of Wonderful

I will never look at Cookie Monster the same way again.

This Cat Really Wants That Last Bit Of Tuna

Sometimes you have to let those hard-to-get bits go, kitty cat.

6 Clever Aluminum Foil Hacks

Household Hacker is a really helpful channel to teach you how to hack your own life. In this installment, specific hacks for aluminum foil.

How Much Does A Video Weigh? [Vsauce]

Michael Stevens from Vsauce was at a TEDTalk and he took the opportunity to peak our curiosity while also simultaneously educating us. Never stop teaching, Michael.

How To Ensure You Will Always Be Sleeping On The Couch

This guy is just asking to be dumped, but it's still funny.

Supervillain Speed Dating

Following up on their "Superhero Speed Dating", World Of Heroes gives us a wonderfully creative Super Villain version. My only problem is, since when is Aquaman a villain?

This Radiohead Cover Might Be The Best Cover You've Heard

What I first thought was a parody or some kind of bastardization of a great Radiohead song, is instead an incredibly true-to-the-original Middle Eastern version that will tantalize your ear holes and stimulate your brain pan.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bad Driver Almost Kills Motorcyclist

Since I don't ride a motorcycle, I can't say how common idling outside the lane is, but I would suggest all you who DO ride do so from now on.

How Much Money Is There On Earth? [Vsauce]

Is there anything Vsauce can't handle? I'm going to say no, there is nothing they cannot teach you about. In this case: how much money IS there on Earth?

"Louis C.K. Tells The Classics" Parodies Louis C.K. Successfully

Louis C.K. is a powerhouse in the comedy world. He knocks them out of the park so often, it's really quite amazing it took this long to have a good parody of him. But you know, it actually works.

"Much Ado About Nothing" - UK Trailer

It is really exciting to see the United Kingdom trailer for this film, since Shakespeare is one of their more honored figures.

Watch These Twins Dance Their Way Into Your Heart

Too cute, even if they do like Ke$ha.

Man Does The "Harlem Shake" Right Into A Fire

Friends don't let friends do the "Harlem Shake". It's a trend from February, which in Internet-time makes it ancient. And you know what happens when no one is there to stop you? The above video, that's what.

56 Acronyms and Initialisms [Mental Floss]

Mental Floss has really nailed the numbered list video, as they show in this next installment which covers acronyms and initialisms. It's amazing how many of these we just take for granted.

Cat In Shark Costume On a Roomba Chases Duckling

And of course let us not forget the pit-bull mix dressed as a Hammerhead shark who is there as well.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1999 In 10 Minutes

I am not a fan of nostalgia, generally. However, watching this video is giving me all kinds of strange distant feelings.

Started As A Baby - Jon Lajoie

NSFW language warning on Jon Lajoie's new rap song, which puts other rappers origins to shame.

How To Exercise With Your Cats

Crazy cat ladies, you now have no excuse not to stay in shape.

News Reporter Ain't Having None Of Your Crap

I will give this man credit: he is talking about a serious issue and doesn't let stupidity interrupt him. If only poor AJ Clemente had this kind of keep-cool-under-pressure attitude.

Cop Saves Suicidal Man From A Train At The Last Moment

Seriously, this officer needs a raise because those reflexes!

"Thor: The Dark World" Trailer

The next installment of Marvel's Phase Two gets its first teaser trailer.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hollywood Bleeps and Bloops Supercut [Slacktory]

What more do you really need to know other than the title?

Daft Punk "Get Lucky" - Shredded Version

This might make sense, this might confuse you, but either way it's pretty funny.

Candy Crush Saga Is Evil [Glove & Boots]

Candy Crush Saga is the new/current addictive app game, taking over the reigns from Farmville, Draw Something, and any other game people get hooked into and then spat out of. Let Glove & Boots explain to you why it is a hideously evil beast.

Eclectic Method Does Arnie, And Will Sasso Does Too

Eclectic Method is back with another remix, this time using Arnold Schwarzenegger as the inspiration. Also, remember Will Sasso's lemon vine compilation? It looks like Will made a bunch more where he impersonated Arnold while driving. It's a Schwarzenegger double shot!

Michael Shannon Reads The Insane Sorority Girl Letter

Michael Shannon can do no harm, in my opinion. His reading of the "Insane Delta Gamma Sorority Letter" is no exception. (Salty language, so use headphones.)

Watch All Of "Star Wars Episode IV" In 1 Minute

This condensed animation flies through the entire "Star Wars: A New Hope" in 61 seconds flat. Impressive, young Skywalker.

Horse Entertains Self With Trash Can

This horse just loves playing Can-Head.

True Facts About The Duck [Ze Frank]

Ze Frank is at it again, this time with the horrors of duck genitals. Possibly NSFYM (Not Safe For Your Mind).

Young Man De-Balls Himself

Ow ow ow ow.

News Anchors First Newscast Is Also His Last

A.J. Clemente sure learned a lot from West Virginia University, but being micro-phoned was clearly not in that education.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Big Cats Playing With Boxes

 Big Cat Rescue released this adorable video of large cats finding joy in giant boxes. You can find more of their feline filled videos here.  KITTIES!!

5 Second Films Does Drugs: A 4/20 Compilation

Since it is now "4/20", a "holiday" for "people who like pot", let 5 Second Films entertain you with this wonderful compilation of all the drug-related shorts they have made.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Awkward Handhake: The Game

 If you switch handshake to other human encounters I would fail miserably.

A Cinematic Tribute to Boston

The folks over at Guyism put together a much-needed cinematic tribute to the fine and wonderful city of Boston, who have been through a lot these last few days.

Durex Creates Underwear You Can Activate By Internet

Since Durex really knows what people want, (hint: it's to fuck each other), they created Fundawear. Yes, that's right, Fundawear. Underwear you can effect over a vast distance, via your smartphone. I really don't have any problem with this.

Politicians Making Awkward Rap References

The Huffington Post put together an amazingly awkward supercut of politicians either quoting or referencing rap. No shock that most of the really creepy and awkward ones are from the whites.

Incredibly Stupid End To An Incredibly Stupid Game

If the fact that Mortal Kombat 4 came out in 1997 isn't enough of a throwback, then witnessing what passed as "game endings" will definitely take you back all on its own.

Cat Scores A Soap Opera

When Tvboy88 realized the soap opera "a girl he likes" watched could be scored by a cat, he felt compelled to complete that challenge. Hire that cat to NBC, stat!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Do We Cry? [ASAP Science]

Finally, an answer to why I am such a sucker for a good emotional romp, brought to you by the wonderful ASAP Science.

Harrison Ford Won't Answer Star Wars Questions

On last night's Jimmy Kimmel, Harrison Ford let it be known how serious he was about NOT talking "Star Wars".

Fertilizer Plant Explosion Is More Extreme Than Expected

This father thought he was at a safe distance to film this fertilizer explosion in Waco, Texas. He was wrong.

Entire Stadium Sings National Anthem In Boston

In the aftermath of the horrible bombings this week, these hockey fans took it upon themselves to show their fellow man how they felt about their lovely country.

Kid Motivates Father To Be Safe

To all our friends with children, this is your future kid talking. Also, that little girls jacket is ridiculously cute.

Cat Really Loves This Vacuum

They cut this video short before the cat "accidentally" found its genitals.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

R.I.P.D. Trailer

Could be "Van Helsing", could be "Hellboy".

Patton Oswalt's Star Wars Filibuster - Parks and Recreation

Let Patton Oswalt show you what Episode VII should *really* be about.

Goodnight Moon: The Movie [Gritty Reboots]

Watch this nightmare-inducing "Goodnight: Moon" movie trailer by the fabulous and creative minds of Gritty Reboots.

Sloth Cuddles Her Cat Buddy

More species need to cuddle, DO YOU HEAR ME KOALA!

Video Showcases What Lighting Does To Your Face

Nacho Guzman highlights (ha!) the effects lighting has upon the human face in this little teaser. It is interesting how incredibly different her face looks depending on the angle and color of the light.

Rollerblader S.W.A.T.

When the normal S.W.A.T. just isn't enough to get the job done, call in the Rollerblader S.W.A.T. to get things done. But make sure to have your one-liner prepared beforehand.

The Internet: A Warning From History

The Poke lets us know what our grandchildren will probably think of The Internet. Those dicks.

Corgi Playing Ball

Corgi puppies are unrealistically cute. They kind of break the mold for all other puppies (not including Labradors and Retrievers).

31 Kissing Cousins [Mental Floss]

We are in no way endorsing cousin kissing, unless she is really hot.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Roarcraft - World of Warcraft Remix

With music from remix artist Pogo, Youtube user GoldPikPikCarrots edited together this little video with footage from the still-played-by-millions "World Of Warcraft". Rather catchy, actually.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Man Who Laughs Without Smiling

I have seen Hell and it is this.

True Facts About The Sea Pig [Ze Frank]

Please never stop doing "True Facts" videos, Mr. Ze Frank.

Guy Fieri Dub: Fedora Feast

Do you hate Guy Fieri? So does everyone.

Gorillage People [Glove & Boots]

Just try and convince yourself that you DIDN'T want a all-puppet-gorilla rendition of The Village People's "Macho Man" and "In The Navy". And while you are at it, try not to have your day be better after seeing this.

Well Drilling Turns Into "Three Stooges" Bit

Come for the idiotic reactions, stay for 1:40 for the money shot.

Bioshock Infinite Rap [Dan Bull]

Dan Bull's raps are really some of the most entertaining "nerdy" raps out there. Watch this spoiler-free but footage-heavy tribute to "Bioshock Infinite".

Eclectic Method - Hackers

 The great Eclectic Method is back with an awesome remix inspired by hackers from various movies. One spotting of Gene Belcher was all I needed to know I loved it.

How many movies can you spot?

Ship My Pants - ad

Funny Kmart ad. Honestly, I didn't even know they were still around. I wonder if they still have a Little Caesars. MMMMMM slutty crazy bread.

Nanobots - They Might Be Giants

 They Might Be Giants have a new album out! You can purchase Nanobots here!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Idiotic Host Allows Boa To Choke Him For TV Segment

Sure, he was probably never in *much* danger here, but this is so so stupid. Have we learned nothing from Steve Irwin?

Paint Exploding at 15,000fps [Slo Mo Guys]

What's cooler than stuff exploding in slow motion? PAINT exploding in SUPER slow motion. I love science so much.

Man Find "Angry Beaver" In Real Life

In Russia, cartoons COME TO LIFE.

50 Weird Laws [Mental Floss]

Numbered lists! Strange laws! John Green! What's not to like?

The Hangover Part III - Trailer

The third "Hangover" film gets its first trailer, and yet, nobody cares. Who am I kidding, there are probably a lot of people who want to see this, sadly.

How Much Pressure Does It Take To Crush A Concrete Cylinder?

Watch these engineers find out, because SCIENCE.

The Fascinating Rundown On Bitcoins

If you have been online in the last few weeks at all, you might have heard some things about bitcoins. Let this lovely (and short) video give you the rundown faster than we could.

Anus Writes A Letter [Ze Frank]

It's hard to explain this video without simply stating that Ze Frank's body-parts seem to talk to each other. Oh also, it's pretty hilarious and has some salty language.

Chompy The Shark


Dog Is Really Excited For Walk

In this treasure from 2012, witness the joy of owning a Boxer. Unless you live in an upstairs apartment...

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bed Bug Sex [Gross Science]

This SFW video will not get you fired, but it may make you grossed out. Let NOVA teach you about what happens to make bed bugs.

Every Romantic Comedy Ever [Pleated Jeans]

Pleated Jeans tackles the ever-popular-but-always-stale romantic comedy genre in this "trailer" which really gives you the template you need to propel you, and Katherine Heigl, to stardom!

Star Wars: The Graduate (Mashup)

"Star Wars" visuals + "The Graduate" audio = The love story we never knew we wanted.

The View: A "Back-to-the-Camera Shot" Supercut

A wonderful compiled supercut of "back-to-the-camera" shots which have the actor in the general middle of the frame looking out at some landscape or scene. Find the entire list of films used in the description here.

The Beginning Of The Universe, For Beginners

Let CERN physicist Tom Whyntie give you a beginning lesson on the universe and its interesting start after the Big Bang.

Battlestar Galactica Opening (Friends Style)

Remember that fun, zany comedy "Battlestar Galactica"? Me either.

Dog Tries To Fetch Ball On TV

Those reflexes! Sir, you deserve a medal. Also, you should probably not watch baseball with your dog anymore.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Funny Dominos Pan Pizza Review

Eatdatpussy445 takes his philly cheese steak pan pizza review very seriously.

Elysium - Official Trailer

Matt Damon gets cyborg-ed up in Neill Blomkamp's next film after "District 9".

Kitten Sleeps On Head

mmmmmm naps

Watch The Makers Of "Batman & Robin" Destroy Their Own Film

This 27-minute-long featurette for Joel Schumacher's 1997-flop "Batman & Robin" is a thing of beauty. Created most likely around the time the DVD hit shelves, listen to the director, writer, producer, and most of the stars essentially shit all over the film. It's an amazing introspective into the world of Hollywood and just how far studios will go to make a buck.

Things That Creep Me Out - Japanese Spider Crab Edition

Those of you that know me are probably fully aware of my irrational fears. There's dinosaurs, people with masks on, lobulated organs, prolapsed anuses, and many others. About 95% of them have no explanation other than I will myself into thinking I'm made uncomfortable by it then will forever be frightened.

I've decided to take my ability to be made uncomfortable by anything and turn it into something "educational" but really to introduce you to things, (it'll probably just be weird animals), that I never knew existed.

Everything about the ocean makes me feel uneasy. Sure I'll swim in it, and of course it will look like I'm enjoying myself, but the thought of drowning, being eaten by a weird creature and being stranded means I am at a moments notice, ready to have a panic attack.

That being said, meet the Japanese Spider Crab (Macrocheira kaempferi).
This disgusting monstrosity can be found mostly on the Pacific side of the Japanese Island. They can be found  anywhere from over 490-984 feet deep ( except of course when they're having their lovely spawning season in which case they have been found to be creeping up the place at about 160 feet deep)which why the fuck would you go that deep anyway? I can only assume you've never played Hungry Shark Evolution.       

 Weighing in at about 40 lbs and with average about 12 ft from claw to claw it has the largest leg span of any arthropod (that we know of) in the world (bleh). 

This guy creeps me out too.

What I can only imagine are the ugliest babies ever - these crab broads lay up to 1.5 million eggs per season although most of them die.

These nightmarish carrion (and plant) lovers can live up to about 100 years old.

source: Encyclopedia of Life, ABCs Of Animal World, NRC Research Press

Every "W" Word in Django Unchained (Supercut)

The most offensive bits from "Django Unchained". No, wait, that's a different word all-together.

If Songs Were Real

Comedians Republic Of Comedy gives us a little taste of what would happen if song lyrics were literally real.

Little Girl Makes An Amazing Observation

Wait for it...

Everything Wrong With Les Miserables In 6 Minutes Or Less

CinemaSins lambasts "Les Miserables".

King Of The Buskers

Seattle street musician pulls of a sweet balancing act. Apparently today is just about people doing awesome things to further remind me that I've chosen to sit around and look at videos all day.

How Animals Eat Their Food

Arm Wrestling Leads To Spiral Fracture

It's the popping noise that gets me every time. The Gentlemen had to undergo emergency surgery and now has a plate and 10 screws attached. I want to see this x-ray.

Juggling + Board Break

Oh yea, well I once played the clarinet! By play I mean I sat there and moved my fingers really quickly to give the illusion I was playing...

Man Spaghetti -WTF-NSFW?

Man Spaghetti is an animated short about something I'm sure. All I can gather is one creature can add multiple different species of animal heads onto its body for ultimate awesome and creepy. Sorta reminds me of this except with less vaginas. Happy Tuesday.


Man tries to save the most important piece of cargo during the zombie apocalypse. No surprise to anyone but I cried.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reggie Watts -- If You're F*cking, You're F*cking [NSFW]

This very-obviously-NSFW video is the first new song from Reggie Watts that we have seen in a while.

Dogs Play Bluegrass

"Dueling Banjos" with two human-armed dogs. 'Nuff said.

Don't Sleep In Band Class

The cymbal-ism here amuses me.

How To Draw Really Good - Perfect Circle

Oliver is back, this time teaching you how to draw a perfect 3d circle really good.

Snoring Pug Quentin Sleeps Sitting And Falls

Quentin can't stay awake for very long. Quentin is also a Pug. We don't blame him for either of these things.

5 Reasons We Like 5 Reasons Videos [ViHart]

ViHart gives us the lowdown on why we like numbered lists, especially in video form.

Terribly Awful Video Game Showcases The Bad Side Of Nerd Culture

Watch this guy try out a new massive multiplayer online game made entirely for teenage boys. And we wonder why nerd/geek culture gets a bad wrap...

"Walking Dead" S3 Visual Effects Reel (Spoilers)

For those of you now finished with the third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" comes the visual effect reel full of gory zombie deaths and blood sprays.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Fridays Are For Atrocities Like This

Oh god. Oh god, I'm watching it again and again.

TV's Best Fake Websites [Slacktory]

Roger Sterling's Best One-Liners (Supercut)

Roger Sterling's Best One-Liners

Words cannot convey how exciting this Sunday's return of "Mad Men" on AMC makes the Paisley Beard family. We only hope to continue the tradition of "To Catch A Predator" as our pregame show.

Throw Your Mainstream Hands In The Air

These lovely gentlemen know that only a sweet "hitsong" can save the world from a world where hit-music is illegal.

Nick Cage Tribute.

The people love Nick Cage. They don't know why but my guess would be because he is a fantastic actor. So fantastic that not only does he get a tribute song, but most of the lyrics are direct quotes of his shit-tastic movies to showcase his greatness. May he live forever in our hearts.

Workout Fails

This is the reason I don't work out all the time. It has nothing to do with lack of motivation and everything to do with the fear of someone videotaping my failure.


Recently Mr. David Bowie released a great amount of his older videos on vimeo for your viewing pleasure. You can pick up his latest album, The Next Day now!

"Space Oddity" 1972 from David Bowie on Vimeo.
"Fashion" 1980 from David Bowie on Vimeo.

"John I'm Only Dancing" 1972 from David Bowie on Vimeo.
"Heroes" 1977 from David Bowie on Vimeo.
"Let's Dance" 1983 from David Bowie on Vimeo.
"Queen Bitch" 1972 from David Bowie on Vimeo.
"Dancing in the Street" 1985 (with Mick Jagger) from David Bowie on Vimeo.

Teenage Average Normal Turtles

 I'm starting to think that the pet collective might be the cutest place on the internet.


 Because they're people too. They just happen to be much less attractive.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie [Gritty Reboots]

After their wonderful "Pokemon Snap" reboot, Gritty Reboots is back with a dark retelling of "Calvin & Hobbes".

Huey Lewis And Weird Al Parody "American Psycho"

This nearly perfect scene-for-scene lampoons so many things that I can't even handle it.

The Science of Cats [ASAP Science]

The Internet sure loves cats. Here is some science about them!

"A Man's Game Of Thrones World" Mashup

Love Pearls [Uproxx]

When the lotion you are using just doesn't cut it anymore, try Love Pearl!

Darth Baby

Of Fraggles and Death (Supercut)

The Fraggles were some morbid muppets, it seems.

Ultra-HD Aerial Reel of San Francisco Bay

Teton Gravity Research Aerial Reel - The Bay Area in 4K from Teton Gravity Research on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Believe I can Fly - Sloth Edition

Del Tha Funky Homosapien - Sarasota Promo

Sounds Like Chewbacca

It's Hard Being White In America

Condom Challenge - I Guess It's A Thing. Possible wtf

High Speed Camera - Pewpewpewpewpewpew

Jon Hamm - 7 Minutes In Heaven

Bubba's Hover

Honest Trailers - Jurassic Park

March Sadness

Because Fuck You Snowmen

True Science of Parallel Universes

This is the End -- Red Band Trailer

Frog Fail

frogfail1 from Alexis Madrigal on Vimeo.

Dr. Puppet Episode 1 - Dr. Who

Episode 2

Monday, April 1, 2013

Greetings From Tim Buckley - Trailer

What If The Sun Disappeared? [VSauce]

Truth In Advertising [Uproxx]

Pineapple Express 2 Trailer

Dancing Deadpool VS WonderCon

Billie Jean Subway Sax Battle

Google Maps - Treasure Mode

R2-DD2 Bra

YouTube Picks A Best Video